Kunle on Huffpost Live
March 5, 2015

Kunle on HuffPost Live

Kunle Bristow joins HuffPost Live to talk about being stabbed in the back by a work friend.

Watch video below.

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  1. Open says:

    Dr. Warshak, Congratulations! Your experience, both claiicnl and research will permeate the public about the perils of parental alienation. Readers of the Huffington Post will benefit from your contributions. It is an additional and vital avenue to get in touch with the masses. While the phenomenon is seen every day in family court; it is also frequently hidden behind closed doors. Children are living without one parent and irrationally fearing, or even hating the other. Indisputably progress has been made. Yet, far too many professionals, parents, and misinformed advocacy groups remain. Various groups do not understand that parental alienation is a relentless form of emotional abuse. Thank you for your efforts not only to educate the public, but thank you for the work that you do to educate professionals.Regards,Monika, Social Worker

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