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kb | KUNLE A different kind of communications company. We are communications futurists, video artists and filmmakers. We work alongside future makers and thought pioneers using the power of words, film, and personal presence to convey your story about the future. We have worked with Google, The Law Society of Upper Canada and more. We can help you. .

Kunle Bristow

Kunle Bristow shot his first video at age 12 about Greek mythology.

He is an independent creator, director and writer -  currently in development on a historical action documentary and in post production on a science fiction / Afrofuturist film.  He enjoys experimenting with technology and human emotion. 

Bristow has worked for over 20 years in film industry departments including: camera, lighting, props and set decoration. His recent credits include: Star Trek (Paramount+); The Expanse (Amazon); The Handmaid's Tale (Hulu / Netflix). 

He has been commissioned to style business leaders, CEOs, consult for tech start-ups; produce content for Google, and has delivered professional development at CISCO. He also produced the first corporate film to be commissioned for the Law Society of Upper Canada. 

Kunle has been a member of Canada’s oldest artist-run media centre Trinity Square Video for over 25 years and sits on their Board of Directors.

Bristow was invited into the 2022 television Showrunner bootcamp led by “The Office” writer / Showrunner Anthony Q. Farrell and in the spring of 2023 Kunle will wrap up set decoration on season 4 of "The Boys" (Sony Pictures Television).

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Philip Stern

Philip Stern is a writer, planner and a communications futurist. Stern works with clients to build their business plans, helping hone their visions and value propositions. He is also an investor in early-stage biotech and information tech. Stern earned his B.Com at McGill and his MBA at Harvard Business School.