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Futurism Weekly with Kunle Bristow highlights the future tech, health and culture. In this video, Kunle Bristow interviews Lief Sosa, MD a medical doctor and functional medicine practitioner.

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New Web Television Series

Futurism Weekly with Kunle Bristow is a new web television series focusing on the future of tech, health and culture. The show offers original editorial and sponsored content. Our approach is to foreground the human side of futurism ... the facets that truly reverberate in the human heart.

Futurism Weekly with Kunle Bristow. Our future. Right now.

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The concepts Kunle shares are simple but powerful. An engaging presenter himself, his workshops are not to be missed.

Karen King - Global Television

If you want powerhouse advice on being a video presenter for your brand, Kunle Bristow is the one to watch.

George Pyron - TVOntario

Kunle Bristow is a force of nature. He is unstoppable and will inspire you.

Dr. Jeff Edmonds - York University