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Get ready now for your upcoming video conference call, producing your YouTube series, or tailored advice on getting the most impact for your video investment. Learn essential video communication techniques, review your performance, refresh your communication skills for the 21st century.

Some of your questions might be:

How do I get started?
What do I need to know about makeup, lighting, and "set design"?
How can I translate my public speaking skills for video presenting?
How do I structure my videos release schedule for maximum impact?
How do I make sure that my target audience can find my videos?
How do I produce my videos to fit with social media requirements?
Do I need special equipment to produce my videos?


Here’s an overview of the process for your 45-minute Skype 1-on-1 call:

1. Pay for your session. [See satisfaction guarantee below.]
2. Book a time: Using our simple web-based scheduling tool to reserve a time window that fits your schedule.
3. Pre-call: Kunle’s assistant will connect with you to finalize your timing and provide your pre-work.
4. Pre-work: You review specific videos and provide us with responses and key information to ensure that your Skype session is as productive as possible. We expect you to submit your pre-work 24 hours in advance.
5. Live Skype call: We initiate with you at scheduled time. [See further detail below.]
6. Follow-up: A short phone call with Kunle’s assistant. If needed, we can also arrange a short follow-up phone call with Kunle.

About the Live Skype Session

Our first order of business is to identify the goals you have for the session. We address the topics to be covered, as provided in your pre-work. The session ends by identifying your next steps.

Get straight advice based on Kunle’s 20 years as a director, communications futurist, and video presenter..

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