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Kunle Bristow - Workshop Leader, film director, and communications futurist

Kunle Bristow has worked in film for 20 years and shot Google's YouTube FanFest 2016, the largest celebration of the world's leading content creators and video presenters. Kunle and his team of creatives filmed a transformed Ontario Place (executed by Brooklyn-based Good Sense) into a live YouTube performance space.

Kunle is not only an in-demand filmmaker, but also works with top professionals to deliver superior on-video and in-person presentation skills. Since 2013, he's been working with thought leaders from Silicon Valley, Harvard, and top media outfits across North America.

Kunle appears in Huffington Post and on Canada's number one network, CTV (at right he discusses keeping children safe online). He is currently anchoring Futurism Weekly, a new web television series about the future of technology, health, culture -- and of course -- human communication.

​About this Workshop

Video has become the medium of thought leadership … and increasingly of leadership itself. Are you and your people ready to pitch your project, to present with authority, clarity, and authenticity? These workshops are designed for executives and professionals aiming to be thought leaders inside and outside their organizations. This is professional development you can use right away.

Video Presenting and Collaboration - Workshop
4½ hours; max. 8 participants C$550/person

This workshop involves instruction, intensive practice, a 50-page workbook, and expert feedback, including how to establish an "real" connection with your video audience.


VPX Multi-Platform Learning

Platform One: Online, 45 minutes

Pre-Workshop Videos
Preparation Assignments
Personal Questionnaire

Platform Two: Live, In Person 4.5 hours

Course Workbook
On-camera group and individual exercises
Expert guidance and feedback
Module 1 – How Video Dominates … What it Means for Your Business

Module 2 – Seeing Yourself – Understand How Others See You

Module 3 – Understanding narrative structure & how structure is your best friend

Module 4 – Designing Your Content | RECORDED CONTENT (YouTube, your company's website, etc.)
Module 5 – | LIVE CONTENT (Skype, WebEx, etc.) – Live communication and collaboration

Module 6 – Interactive: Practice on Camera | Body Language

Module 7 – DIGITAL CUSTOMER ACQUISITION - The broad strokes on how to transform your fans into your paying customers led by our Google CERTIFIED advanced search specialists

Platform Three: Private Feedback, 30 days.

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Accountability - Posting your videos. Kunle Bristow and your peers support your content creation..
Join us and broaden your professional network with a new group of thought leaders.

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Makeup techniques to communicate your professional authority on video for men and women. Click for enrollment.